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Growing Time: Five (5) days from planting
Season: Spring
How much its worth: 60G each Turnip
Extra: If you start the first crop in early Spring, you can plant and harvest up to five crops of Turnips. They grow fast but only yield one crop per planting. Turnip Seeds are in the White Bag and cost 200G.


Growing Time: 8 days
Season: Spring
How much its worth: 80G each Potato
Extra: Potatoes take a little longer to grow than Turnips, but because of this, you will be able to charge more for them. They are a hearty vegetable, and if you get busy and forget to harvest them, they won't rot. I'm not really sure if any of the other crops will rot though! Potato Seeds are in the Brown Bag and cost 200G.


Growing Time: Ten (10) days from planting
Season: Summer
How much its worth: 100G each Tomato
Extra: Once you've harvested a crop of Tomatoes, keep watering, and three days later, you'll be able to harvest a second crop! They grow slowly, but yield multiple crops. Tomato Seeds are in the Red Bag and are slightly more expensive at 300G.


Growing Time: Thirteen (13) days from planting
Season: Summer
How much its worth: 120G each peice of Corn
Extra: Like the Tomatoes, you'll be able to get a second harvest if you keep watering after the first one. Corn takes the longest to grow. Corn Seeds are in the Yellow Bag and cost 300G.


Growing Time: Ten (10) days from planting, then regrowth in Nine (9) days
Season: Spring-Summer to plant and Spring-Fall to harvest
How much its worth: Use to feed animals
Extra: Plant Grass in the Spring and Summer and store enough for the Winter. The grass fields are covered with snow in the Winter, but they will grow back again in the Spring. Grass Seeds are the most expensive at 500G. They come in the Green Bag.

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