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 These are all of the secrets that I have heard about for Harvest Moon SNES. If you have any, please email them to me!


New Secrets!
- If you have few hearts with Nina, you recieve a discount price of the flower
from 500G to 300G.
-If you bring a fish to the harvest festival, you win a berry of the power tree
-This is only for Snes Harvest Moon.

-thanks to David Alfredo Echeverrيa Lewis

Get the Girl Fast
When a girl asks you a question, answer it right, then go into the nearest building. Go back out and talk to her again, and answer the question right and repeat the process over and over again. The girl will be ready to be married in a couple of days. I heard, however, that this can effect how your game turns out, so beware!

10 Power Berries
1. Break the chicken statue with the hammer
2. After the earthquake bust up the stump near the spring and jump in the hole
3. Win one from the Egg Hunt
4. Plant the seed of the Snow Flower on the mountain summit
5. Trade a chicken to the traveling hawker
6. Throw a fish back in the Pond
7. Plow the first berry up after 40 plows
8. Plow another berry up after about 615 plows
9. Break up 84 stumps
10. Bring the Berry of the Fullmoon Plant to the Harvest Festival

Keep on Playing
Only on ROM Version: To keep on playing even after your ending, first you beat it by getting the ending, then you wait until the end when it shows the summit top and it plays music. The secret is that you have to wait a little over 5 minutes, then you reset the game. Go to Continue and look at your game and it says a Japanese number and th year! Select the game and you have it exactly the same as the night before your parents came home exept you get to keep playing.
- Credit goes to Magus

Instant Ending
This is the only known code for Harvest Moon. Hold down L, R, Start, and Select when the screen turns black when you are going to sleep.

If you sell a cow in the second Spring, a peddler will ask to trade the cow for a seed. Trade the cow and plant the seed at the summit. In a short while, the seed will have grown. Climb the beanstalk.

Money Tree
If you have over 20,000G in the second year, a peddler will come by and try to sell you a Money Tree for 20,000G. When it grows, it doesn't have money, but bells! All it really does is call the cows in from the field.

If you update your house by the end of the Summer, you will receive a very helpful watch. Also, it may be available before the Thanksgiving Festival in the Fall.

The Water Imp
Throw your first fish back into the fishing hole and he will come out!

Berry of Fullmoon Plant
This plant grows on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of Fall on the summit.

Snow Flower
This seed can be bought from the peddler on the Flower Festival. Plant it on the mountain top, the summit on the very tip top on that little rock, in the Winter.

Power Tools
Axe: After the boulder moves in the hill, use your axe in front of the secret pond and tell the Goddess that the axe is not yours.
Hammer: When a carpenter asks you to use your hammer, let him!
Hoe: In the Fall, feed the hungry dwarf a mushroom.
Sickle: When your tree opens up, go down it. Tell the dwarf you like and use the sickle.
Sprinkler: You can buy the upgraded sprinkler on the 20th of Summer for 2,000G.

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