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 The Cow
Cow: The cow is very important in Harvest Moon. They are 5,000G each. If you have a full grown cow, however, you can buy the Miracle Potion at the Livestock Dealer's for 4,000G. Use the Miracle Potion on the grown cow and in 21 days, a calf will be born. Calves will grow quicker if you feed them. Also, when the cows are grown, you can buy the Milker, at the Tool Shop, for 1,800G and use it to milk the cow. Milk can sell for up to 350G. Also, the brush, for 800G found at the Tool Shop, is very important for the cow. Use the brush to raise the cows affection and the amount of milk it gives out.

 The Chicken
Chicken: Chickens are good for beginners. All you have to do is feed them and put their eggs in the bin to ship. At the Livestock Dealer's, you can buy one for 1,000G and instead of buying another chicken, you can incubate the egg to make a new chick that will soon turn into a grown chicken! If you find that you have too many chickens, you can sell one for 500G.

 The Dog
Dog: Your dog is your companion from the start. Ellen gives him to you on the second day you arrive at the farm. Hugging (picking him up) increases your happiness!!! The dog also barks whenever the fence is broken (wild dogs come in the farm). It is really helpful, especially if you keep chickens outside.

 The Horse

Horse: Your horse can be found the first day of Winter in the first year just outside your farm. It doesn't really do anything until it grows up. Then, you can ride it ONLY around your farm. Ann's dad gives you a saddle bag too, so you can put the crops in it. You have to make sure you are either directly behind or to the side of the horse to put the food in. The bags will bulge for a second, otherwise, you will feed your horse some yummy veggies!

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