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Your Farm
Farm Map

1. Secret garden: Each flower represents one power berry that you've found. See our Hints and Tips page to find out where each power berry is.

 2. House: Here, you check the weather, the amount of money you have, and the list of the farm's assets. Save your progress each night by writing in the journal. If you don't expand your house, you will not be able to get married and have a baby later on.

 3. Wood Storage: When you break up the stumps in the field for your planting areas, the wood will automatically end up here. Use the wood for building fences and expanding your house.

 4. Horse Stable: At first, you won't have a horse for your stable. If you want a horse, go to the mountains in the first of winter and you may find one on the path.

 5. Cow Barn: The Cow Barn has enough feeding troughs for 12 cows. The red boxes are for the milk you collect, and the lower right area is where the pregnant cows stay until their babies are born.

 6. Silo: When you harvest your grass crops, the grass will automatically go to the Silo for storage. Make sure you have enough grass stored for your livestock to last through the winter months.

 7. Chicken Coop: The Chicken Coop has enough space for 12 chickens. The red boxes are for the eggs you want to sell. Place an egg in the lower right corner if you want to hatch a baby chick.

 8. Loading Area: Place produce in the big box, and the buyer will pick them up every evening at 5:00 PM. Place animals you wish to sell in the pen, but only after talking to the livestock buyer in town.

 9. Storage Shed: Keep important items such as your tools and seeds in the Storage Shed. Amateur farmers can refer to the Notebook for helpful tips on using the tools.

 10. Water Pond: The ponds are used to fill the watering can and to dispose of rocks.

11. Well: The well is the home to the dwarves!

 Back Hill
Mountain Map

 1. Magic pond: You can come here after the earthquake in Winter. Use your axe in the pond and a fairy will appear. Tell her that it's not your axe to get a better one.

2. Cave: Here is where you can get herbs to sell for 200G. The herbs are best sold in Winter when nothing else is available. Nina is here on Saturday.

3. Carpenter's House: Talk to the Master Carpenter on a weekday when you want to add a room to your house.

 4. Fishing pond: You can catch Fish, boots, and tin cans here. You can also sell the fish.

 5. Hot Springs: Restores energy each time you jump in. Jump in and out for best results each time you go in you restore 24 stamina points. You want to use this often when you are clearing your ranch or chopping wood. Eve is here on Weekends.

 The Town
Town Map

1. Mayor's House: The Mayor and his wife live here. You might like to get to know the Mayor's daughter, Maria.

 2. Church: Ann and Maria are here on Sunday. Maria is also here Saturday. The priest can give some advice, but it's not anything that's too helpful.

3. Flower Shop: Here you will find the Watering Can, Seeds, and flowers. The Florist is open weekdays until 5 PM. Nina also lives in the back room here.

 4. The Peddler: This is where you can sell things for extra money on Sunday. He buys fish and poison mushrooms for 300G rather than 200G. You will also find the blue feather here if you have a good relationship with one of the girls. The feather is used to propose marriage.

5. Fortuneteller's House: Visit the Fortuneteller any weekday before 5 PM. She can give you information about the women in the town.

 6. Bar: Eve lives here. It opens only at night on weekdays. You can also, sometimes, get a drink or two here.

 7. Restaurant: You can buy cakes here which are great as a gift. This is also where Ellen lives.

8. Tool Shop: This is where you will find extra tools, as well as Ann.

9. Livestock Store: You can buy and sell animals here. You can also get emergency feed, and the medicine for cows. Later you can buy a miracle potion. Ellen is here every weekday.

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