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 If you have any extra information regarding the Endings section, please send me an E-mail.
Scenario 1: Failure
Scene: You run away from your farm with your dog barking sadly in the background.
Terms: Less than 100 Happiness and less that 1000G

 Scenario 2: Cow Herder
Scene: You ring your bell and all your cows come to you.
Terms: Seven-Twelve (7-12) cows

 Scenario 3: Daily Chores
Scene: Your cows and chickens are by you. You brush and milk your cows.
Terms: One-Six (1-6) cows

 Scenario 4: Chicken Coop
Scene: You collect the eggs in the Chicken Coop.
Terms: One (1) or more chickens

 Scenario 5: Prize Cow
Scene: Your favorite cow gives you a large-sized milk, then you take a nap.
Terms: Love rate is 192-255 and you have one (1) or more cows

 Scenario 6: Turnip
Scene: The Harvest Spirits appear when you are in the field. You give one a Turnip.
Terms: 200 or more turnips shipped

 Scenario 7: Mole Hunt
Scene: Your dog barks at the potato crop, then starts chasing a mole.
Terms: 200 or more potatoes shipped

 Scenario 8: Tomatoes
Scene: You load your horse's saddlebags full of Tomatoes. You water them, and then rest.
Terms: 200 or more tomatoes shipped

 Scenario 9: Corn
Scene: You water your corn crop and your dog helps you out.
Terms: 200 or more pieces of corn shipped

 Scenario 10: Friends
Scene: While you are chopping stumps, the wildlife of the mountain give you a berry.
Terms: Your happiness has to be more than 800

 Scenario 11: Mountain
Scene: Your dog barks at the potato crop, then starts chasing a mole.
Terms: 200 or more potatoes shipped

 Scenario 12: Maria
Scene: You and Maria visit town and your parents speak with the Mayor and his wife.
Terms: Marry Maria

 Scenario 13: Ann
Scene: You and Ann go to the Hardware store to deliver Ann's latest invention. Nina's mom and Ann's dad get married.
Terms: Marry Ann

 Scenario 14: Nina
Scene: Nina and her mom are startled by a frog. You and Nina go on a picnic.
Terms: Marry Nina

 Scenario 15: Ellen
Scene: You are your dog are working in the field when Ellen comes riding in on a horse. You go on a picnic.
Terms: Marry Ellen

 Scenario 16: Eve
Scene: You and Eve get together.
Terms: Marry Eve

 Scenario 17: Ladies Man
Scene: All the girls call for you attention, as you walk down the street.
Terms: You have to be single. The love rate for all the girls has to be 1500 or more, and your happiness has to be more than 200

 Scenario 18: Child
Scene: Your child plays and crawls around as you and your wife look on.
Terms: Have one(1) child

 Scenario 19: Children
Scene: You are working when your wife and children come home. Your oldest runs up and gives you a big hug.
Terms: Have two (2) children

 Scenario 20: The Man of the Year
Scene: ???
Terms: Have two (2) children, more than 900 happiness, one (1) or more cows, one (1) or more chickens, ten (10) power berries, 10,000G, and 100 or more hugs to your dog

 Scenario 21: Dog Lover
Scene: Your working in your field when your dog runs up and jumps in your lap
Terms: You must hug your dog at least once a day, bring him out every morning, and bring him in every night. If it's raining, don't bring him outside

 Scenario 22: Dog Hater
Scene: You wake up in the middle of the night and walk outside to see your dog run off. (Your wife also leaves you saying your cruel to animals, if you are married)
Terms: Don't talk to your wife. Don't EVER hug your dog and leave him outside all day and night

 Scenario 23: New Batchelor
Scene: You wake up in the morning to find a note from your wife that says that you never payed attention to her and how she slept alone every night
Terms: You must come home after your wife is asleep EVERY night you are married. Don't talk to your wife much and don't give her gifts. (It helps if you giver weeds or ignore your baby[s]. It also helps if you "Abuse" your dog)

*The new Scenarios (22-23) have not be checked by me, I can only count on the senders accountability.*

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